People of West County – Junebug Skin & Body and Heidi Schulte

Heidi Schulte is one of Guerneville’s favorite community members and the focus of this week’s 20 Mile Radius. She has lived here for more than 10 years and in that time has amassed a fan base and grown her skincare business beyond waxing and facials. We decided to sit down with one our town’s favorite mompreneurs to learnabout her business and more.

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People of West County – Wild Sage Yoga and Deneene Bell

This is our very first “People of West County” post. Within 20 Miles of our little hamlet there are thousands of people doing amazing things. We are so proud to feature our friend and member of the Big Bottom family Deneene Bell of Wild Sage Yoga.

In addition to Deneene being one of West County’s talented yogis her son is working at Big Bottom Market this summer. Join us on Wednesday nights through August 15th for Wilder’s Wing Wednesdays.

We are so proud of Wilder and absolutely excited to share the interview we conducted with Deneene about her yoga practice and what it means to her.

More detail on where you can participate in a Wild Sage Yogini session is below and please enjoy this interview as much as we did conducting it with our amazing friend who is also a peaceful and loving spirit.

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