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We’ve been open since 2011 and from day one the Market has always carried Further Products. Most people know the soaps and candles from our shelves and wash up in the restroom with the fragrant suds.

Megan and Marshall, The Founders of Further Products

Well, something special happened the other day. The founders of Further Products Marshall and Megan, just happened to pop into the Market the on a visit from LA, so we sat down with the two to learn more about where it all began. This was great, because we had never met them in person and they really feel like family having been with us for so long.

They emphasized that Further products are derived from locally sourced depleted vegetable oil, refined into biofuel and then artfully converted into exceptional glycerin soap, glycerin lotion, and soy candles. Marshall picks up used vegetable oil from some of the nation’s finest restaurants and then processes it in their warehouse. The biofuel goes into their cars and the glycerin goes into the soap.

“We are Made in LA and family-owned and, surprisingly, the only company doing what we are doing! Truly unique, sustainable and local.” 

Marshall and Megan complete the sustainable circle by taking their natural soap back to the restaurants that provided the oil. Although the Market doesn’t have any oil to offer up, we are lucky enough to have the products on our shelves.

Our Awesome Selection of
Further Products

It’s always fun to watch customers test out the soap and lotion or take a whiff of the candle, because the reaction is always the same. We call it the “What is that amazing scent?” face. It’s actually a combination of bergamot, olive and WHAT combined with glycerin to create products that are at fresh, sustainable, and pleasingly aromatic.

So, we invite you to come in and test out the soaps and lotions — if you haven’t already — and celebrate one of our favorite and longest running partners at the Market.

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