A West County Day With The Ladies

This evening we are hosting a “Saturday Night Family Dinner” at the Market. A few of our good friends are popping in for Chris’s Smoked Ribs, Wilder’s Wings, Diana Bell’s Salad, and Christian’s Scalloped Potatoes (we have yet to tell him he is making these for us). And for dessert, vanilla ice cream with Donna Starr’s Choco Espresso Cookies.

So, Diana, Deneene’s mom (we wrote about Deneene a few weeks back), and I decided to set out for a little shopping and meandering West County adventure. We posted about our fun on Instagram so check it out and if you’re not a follower take a moment to join in on the Big Bottom Market Instagram fun.

Deneene, Diana, and Mikey Start Their Adventure

Our first stop, the amazing Cash and Carry now SmartFoodservice. If you have yet to patronize this store for your much needed procurements, we highly suggest you run, not walk, to check it out. Located at 565 Barham Avenue. Deneene says that it’s kind of like Costco for restauranteurs or anyone in need of larger amounts of food at a good price. We’re picking up wings for Wilder, salad stuff for Dianna, potatoes for Christian, anything else we can find to make the night extra special.

The adventure at SmartFoodservice was amazing. Deneene broke the rules and rode on the cart, Diana dropped a box of blueberries, and I decided that we should have Wilder’s Wings on the menu every day (look for them soon the new menu will be out in a month or so).


We decided to really shake things up and head over the fabulous new Russian River Brewing Company. Diana committed to picking up some Pliney (we sell it at the Market people) for her nephew… what a good Aunt. As our caravan pulled into the parking lot we ran into our neighbors and friends Mike and Cheri (we’ve  posted about Cheri before) and decided to invite them for dinner this evening.

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Brews in hand and fully stocked with provisions for the evening we made our way home to start cooking. If you read this today and wanna stop by and say hi, pop into the Market at around 6:30 and we will be there eating, drinking, and having fun.

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